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If you want to donate some money for event insurance and renting the place. Please reference „Wireless Mesh Up“ in case you transfer to the following bank account or use the betterplace campaign, where receipts will be sent automatically:

  Förderverein Freie Netzwerke e.V.
  IBAN: DE51100900007227227006
  BIC: BEVODEBB (Berliner Volksbank) 


Förderverein freie Netzwerke e.V. is organizing, sponsoring and promoting the event

Internet Society funds travel scholarships.

Guifi has donated and is promoting the event.

ODS Textildruck made a very good price for the T-Shirts, so we can offer EcoCotton-FairTrade-T-Shirts at an affordable price and use the margin to fund the event.

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